Artist Inspo of the Day: Julie Houts


As a fan of both high fashion and blunt humor, it goes without saying that one of my favorite contemporary artists/artists is Julie Houts. Julie is an illustrator for J. Crew, and a freelance artist. I love her drawings not only for the funny and truthful captions, but the way she uses her skills for J. Crew and puts them in this witty space. She takes graceful, gazelle like models, and has them doing ‘flawed’ human things. In one print, the woman is slouched shirtless with a face mask on, and in another print, she tries to comfortably situate herself in a rolling chair (unsuccessfully). Julie attacks subjects like adulthood, dating, and responsibilities (ew), and her message rings true to her 179K followers on Instagram. She is badass, and I want to be like her. #BlessUp. Here are a couple of my favorite prints she has, all available on her website for sale.

julie houts 3

Buy this beautiful print: Choking Alone: Wasted Youth print




julie houts

Buy this here: How Sit? Print



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