Skincare: Actually Fun

People ask me how I have nice skin, and here’s the answer: my self care routine is basically just me cleaning my face and doing masks, but a lot more than one might do. This is because it feels nice to be in control over one thing, even if it’s just skincare.

Anyway enough of that. I think it’s not only fun but very relaxing to have a routine, even just a small one, for your skin. Before bed, it’s very pleasant and soothing to have a nice hot towel or face mask on. Here are the top three things I cannot go without, if I am stripping down my routine to the basics.


  1. Glossier Milky Jelly, $18

This is my new favorite face wash that I use everyday. I use it on my face, and on a            cotton pad or cloth towel to wash my eye makeup off. Ten out of ten on effectivity, ten     out of ten on ingredients, the whole thing. Just great.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 12.16.35 AM.png


2.Mario Badescu Eye Cream, $18

This eye cream, also $18, ranks high in my list of products I repeatedly buy. I have             chronic dark circles. Pair this with a good concealer, and that is me. 100%.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 12.15.53 AM.png


3. Coola SPF 30 sunscreen moisturizer , $32

I try, I really try, to use sunscreen everyday. This makes it easier for me to remember, because it’s also my daytime moisturizer. It smells really good, and makes my face very soft.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 12.19.58 AM.png


If you are like me, and have drier and sensitive skin, this routine may work for you! I use lighter moisturizers in the summer compared to winter to not clog pores or over-moisturize.


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