Artist Inspo of the Day: Frankie Cosmos

Frankie Cosmos’s music makes me think of spending time on a blanket under a shady tree, while I stare at the sky speckled with leaves and sunlight as her songs play on a nearby speaker. Greta Kline, a twenty-three year old artist also known as Frankie Cosmos, is a pioneer in alternative music (in my humble POV). Both her parents are actors. Her mom is Phoebe Cates, and her dad is Kevin Kline. Phoebe has starred in movies such as Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and Kevin has been in Sophie’s Choice.

Frankie Cosmos is described as an indie rock, alternative, pop artist. Her music is accompanied by her lovely guitar playing. Her voice is soft and gentle, and the lyrics she writes are witty, smart, and captivating. On her album, Next Thing, she sings about

Pitchfork Media wrote, “Her greatest talent remains her ability to transform minute-long songs into experiences that resemble hours of intimate and impressionistic conversation.” He is right, her words provoke you to think more about everyday happenings, digging below the surface to find emotion and self reflection. “Many of the songs (“Embody,” “On the Lips,” “Too Dark” and “Sleep Song”) on the album have appeared in acoustic permutations in past work, and they make the leap seamlessly. Each are marvelously well-wrought trains of thought, cramming existential questions into the banality of everyday moments and finding something beatific even in the plainest of things”. I agree, and I love her for it.

Her album

Here is the whole album, Next Thing, on Youtube: Next Thing

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