Book Review: Flight by Sherman Alexie

I was first introduced to Sherman Alexie’s work when I was in eighth grade. My sister gave me a copy of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. I fell in love with Alexie’s prose and Ellen Forney’s illustrations, which complimented Alexie’s writing.

I am lucky to work at a book store and be surrounded by books constantly. I was peering through the fiction section, and stumbled upon one of Alexie’s books, which I hadn’t read yet. Flight enticed me automatically, because I’m a fan of Alexie.

The book explores complex ideas like reincarnation, finding love, self reflection, and gun violence in America. The narrator tries to find some direction, and finds himself flying through the hoops of being reincarnated, all through people who seem like they have nothing in common at first. This gut wrenchingly honest novel has my heart, much like other works I have read by Alexie. You can buy it on Alibris, whether it is a used copy for $1.49 or a new copy for $9.25. I give it ten out of ten stars.

Light of my life, Sherman Alexie.

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