Davines Review: Well Being Shampoo and Conditioner

I recently tried this wonderfully moisturizing and repairing haircare duo, courtesy of my mom’s shower. My hair has been so dry recently, partially from dyeing it blond last summer, and partially from a sad effort of a haircut, a while back.

I have tried the Davines brand before, and I am happy to report it has worked for me. The brand is based in Parma, Italy, and sells their products in salons worldwide. I have been using the LOVE purple conditioner until I left it at a friend’s house (RIP, so sad). For the bigger tub of conditioner, it is $30. It lasted me for a few months (until I left it behind), and it was only half gone, because I was using it liberally before. I would take scoops of the stuff out with my hand, and spread it all over my head like a mask. Which I recommend, by the way.

At $28 , the well-being shampoo seems a little steep for the smaller sized bottle. The shampoo left my hair feeling clean, soft, and supple. I left in a quarter sized dollop of the conditioner for only two minutes, and it felt like I had left it in for longer. My hair slipped through my hands, it was so soft! I was in awe at how fast the conditioner worked, and even though advertised as a conditioner, I feel like it could be used as a mask once or twice a week, if left in longer than the average one-two minutes. The conditioner costs $28 as well.

Davines is crutely-free, and can be ordered online at Davines.com .

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