Skincare: Makeup Wipes Trial and Error

Make way, make way. I’m going to try to put my existing skincare knowledge to the test by trying a bunch of new stuff for the sake of reviewing.

To remove makeup, I have tried countless brands of wipes, lotions, gels, and cleansers. Some you have to scrub off your face until it hurts, or doesn’t work at all.  It is a frustrating and futile chase to find the perfect makeup remover that effectively removes makeup, without being too harsh on the skin. Dare I say, what if I also want a makeup wipe that also moisturizes, brightens my skin, and prevents acne? Or is this all too much to ask for?

I bravely went on a hunt for the Effective Makeup Wipe. I headed to my local CVS in search of the best type of wipe. Without saying, my favorite kind of face cleanser that (removes eye makeup very well, and is my daily cleanser btw) is the Glossier milky jelly cleanser, which you can read more about in my article here.

Here are the makeup wipes I bought today.

  1. Yes to Coconut Cleansing wipes, 30 wipes for $4
  2. Mustela Face Cleansing Cloths, 25 wipes for $9
  3. Elf makeup wipes, $3 for 20 wipes

Yes to Coconut Wipes


Mustela makeup removing wipes


Elf makeup wipes

Ranked in effectivity for wiping off face makeup:

  1. Yes to Coconut: 6.5
  2. Mustela: 8
  3. Elf: 9


Ranked in gentleness:

  1. Yes to Coconut: 10
  2. Mustela: 10
  3. Elf: 10


Does it leave a residue? (One is a lot, ten is zero residue)

  1. Yes to Coconut: 10
  2. Mustela: 10
  3. Elf: 8.5


Ranked in how moisturizing they are/preventing acne:

  1. Yes to Coconut: 9
  2. Mustela: 8
  3. Elf: 6


Quality of ingredients:

  1. Yes to Coconut: 9
  2. Mustela: 9
  3. Elf: 6


Do they test on animals?

  1. Yes to Coconut: No
  2. Mustela: No
  3. Elf: No



  1. Yes to Coconut: 30 wipes for $4
  2. Mustela: 25 wipes for $9
  3. Elf: 20 wipes for $3


My thoughts are this: I think it’s worth the $9 for the Mustela wipes. The coconut wipes are good, but are not as effective for removing waterproof mascara, eyeliner, or lipstick. The Elf wipes are great for their cost, but if you are willing to pay for better quality ingredients, then get the Mustela/Coconut wipes.


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