How to Have Rich Skin on a Budget

Here are some ways to have the most luminous, flawless (dare I say) and radiant skin, while saving money.

Here are the things if you choose to splurge on, splurge on. I chose these specific products because of either the direct or indirect impact they will have on your skin.

-sunscreen, like Coola, Kiehls


-foundation (to match)

-brow stuff, i.e. Anastasia Beverley Hills

-eyeshadow, i.e. A fancy palette if you desire

Things to save on:

-mascara (I use the pink and green mascara from CVS or a wet and wild green tube)

-contour (wet and wild or NYX)

-highlight (NYX or if you want to splurge, Hourglass, the Balm, Terry)

-liquid eyeliner (wet and wild or Kat Von D)

Pick one of the things you would like to splurge on. Go to a department store or makeup counter, and get that item- but ask for the following samples.

If you want makeup:

-Marc Jacobs





-La Mer




For an example, there’s no way in hell I’m buying a small thing of eye cream for $200, lol. But I will hoard samples of La Mer eye cream and La Prairie’s caviar moisturizer like a very skincare conscious squirrel.

I love the La Prairie caviar night cream. I just put some on my cheeks from an itty bitty sample tube, and my skin feels plump and soft just minutes after applying.

I’m telling you people, you can ball on a budget. You just gotta be savvy about it.

We deserve the skin we want, or some other anecdote.

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