Skincare: YTP Eye Cream Review

I have tried at least ten different brands of eye cream, three different consistencies (gel, cream, oil), and even a non surgical eye lift in my lifetime, and I’m twenty five years old.

Recently I kind of gave up on throwing money at the things I do for my under eye area. In a huff at Sephora, I was searching for a cheaper alternative that gave me the results I wanted: to not look like an angsty and sleepless youth.

I turned to the YTP, Youth to the People, and saw their eye cream presented in a little jar. YTP Eye cream consists of peptides and superfoods including kale and spinach. It is only $35, which is a pretty sight considering other prices of eye creams I’ve endured.

This is how much I have left, and I bought it in October *. I have been using it daily, sometimes twice a day, and I really enjoy the product. It has a nice consistency that absorbs quickly into the skin. It’s not greasy, and it actually makes a difference in the dryness and dark appearance of my under eye area.

*i roughly guess the last time I was in Sephora was in October. It was in the fall, this year, I promise.

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